Wednesday, July 8, 2009


sorry I haven't bogged in a while. I've been working a lot, and the house has been waiting on a few things to come in. right now current progress is waiting on my brother phil to have time to plumb it, and for the tin siding I ordered to come in. obviously the 4th of July also slowed us down, as we didn't do any work that weekend. anyway, I'm back now. the tin came in Monday, and with the David, (Ben's Father-in-law,) and his trailer, I picked it up today. haven't had time to do any work though. we're going to work on it this weekend. budget's still looking ok.. most of the things we budgeted are coming in close to budget, but it's the things we didn't write down that are killing us. flooring and ceiling were never included, but I'm working on them now.
had to buy some more lumber, to go under the tin siding, so that number will change a bit. everything else is looking fine.
also, while things are on budget, I have run short of funds. I'm $2k short on cash to pay the insulation man. currently researching my options there. I'm not worried, just something I'm working on. everything else has gone on credit cards, but this one can't. I won't take the ridiculous interest rate that comes with a cash advance fee on the credit card, so I'm left talking to banks, and people I know over personal loans. banks are generally telling me there's no chance, as they did at the beginning, but I'm trying anyway. like I said, just something I'm working on.
I recently found a great blog that's been helping me plan things. it's a bit old now, but that archives are giving me a ton of great ideas. here's the linkamalink.

here's a few crew pictures for the time being. they aren't in order because I'm too tired to take the time. enjoy.

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