Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finish Siding & Insulation

Sadly, all I have at the moment is this set of rather blurry pictures of the current state of things. The tin siding is done, the insulators have come and gone. speaking of that, I decided on spray-foam insulation, also called Icynene. The company I used is called Profoam Insulators, and it's here out of Lufkin, TX. I really enjoyed working with them, they came out and finished the house in about 6 hours. It looks very professional. When we combined the high R-factor of the foam insulation with the Low-E windows, and energy efficient appliances, I expect to see a sizable dent in my electrical bill. I'll have a good comparison too, as this month's bill came today for $210. The house is about the same square feet as this apartment, so we'll see when we got out bill there and I'll post the results.

Next is the drywall. we'll be working on it this weekend. After that the flooring.

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