Monday, July 27, 2009

Last Lap

I've been a bit too busy to update, so here goes.

We've finished the tin siding, mostly thanks to the extremely hard work of my brother Sam before he left for Canada. The electrician (Scott, a guy Sam had worked with,) also finished the rough-in, as did the plumber, (other brother Phil.) The insulation company is supposed to be out tomorrow to do their part. After that I'm hoping to put Sheetrock on by the end of the week. We've got just over 2 weeks left in my apartment, which obviously means I have 2 weeks to finish the house and move in.

I added links to 2 of my favorite blogs, ones there have been very helpful in the design and thought processes that have gone into this house. Tiny House Blog keeps track of other people and companies around the world working on smaller living spaces. 100k House is a blog chronicling the building of a modern, energy efficient space in Philadelphia. Although $100,000 sounds huge compared to my budget, I've found that in many ways they were on as tight of a budget as I was. With that in mind, their decisions and thoughts on design, appliances, usage of space, etc was very helpful in my own work.

Speaking of appliances, I've bought most of the ones for the house. That reminds me, I also secured the loan I needed to finish the house. Obviously that was huge news, though I didn't post it. Anyway, I've bought the appliances, figured out some of the flooring decisions, and figured out most of the rest of the project. I'm still lacking the fixtures in the bathroom, and the counter/cabinets for the kitchen. Those things I haven't figured out yet.

I hope to get some pictures of the finished siding up ASAP, I just have to get out there with my camera and take them.

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  1. We're honored to be included in your inspiration. That's a good looking project and a good looking crew you have there. Keep it up. We'll be waiting for your stock the bar party invite when you finish with a bottle of the Dirty Bird, the only acceptable companion of a budget green building project.