Saturday, June 13, 2009

updated numbers

at one point, when I was still wondering how I was going to afford this house, we talked to a few people about a personal load, with guaranteed interest, and firm repayment structure, and so on. banks weren't much of an option for me, as I have no collateral for a loan, no land, (the house is being built on my parents, and will be moved later,) no car, (2 mopeds that aren't worth enough,) etc. so personal loans seemed like a good option. in putting this all down on paper, we wanted to have as accurate figures as possible. so, we called around, and got more exact prices. Ben and I met with Sam to actually firm up the design of the house. how many windows? what kind of doors? what's the siding going to be made of? how many 2x4s, 2x6s, and 2x8s do we need? and what do those cost? after those meetings and calls, we came to this updated price list.

Initial Costs:

Lumber: $1800
Windows: $1000
Insulation: $2100
Tin Siding: $1400
Doors: $600

Electric/Lights: $700

Toilets/Sinks: $250
Shower: $400
Plumbing Supplies: $200

Air C: $300
Fridge: $1000
Stove: $650
Water Heater: $300
Nails/Misc: $300
Total: $11,000

as you can see, we've jumped $1850. here's some of what we changed.

***lumber and tin are around the same, nor would they change, as we had those costs semi-figured out. (or so we thought.)
***doors had not changed price, but as seen in the sketch, we'd changed from one pair of french doors, to two pair of sliding glass doors. these have low-e glass in them, are as energy efficient as they come, and I just thought the more glass the better. hurts the energy rating of the house, but makes it feel much more spacious and open. which brings us to the next item.
***windows. we jumped $700 here. our previous 3 windows were basic size, one on the side where the kitchen is, one in the living room, and a small venting window in the bathroom. that's fine for basics, but we wanted this house to look nice, and be nice to live in. as I said before, windows, (even with the best glass,) will cut down on energy efficiency, but in this case, I think it's worth it. how much fun is it to live in a box with no light? be great for the energy bill, because you're living in an igloo cooler, but not much fun.
***water heater. this wasn't in the first estimate at all. another thing we forgot.
***electricity, wiring, lights, etc. Sam pulled the $700 number out of the air, we have no idea where he got it. even so, we wrote it down anyway. notice however, we still haven't listed concrete blocks or plumbing. more costs that aren't yet in our figures.
obviously, we're a long way off still. more to come.

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