Sunday, June 21, 2009

Prices update.

I tallied up receipts today. is it possible I missed any? yes, it is. they may have been misplaced or something, who knows. however, to my knowledge, I've kept every receipt, so these totals are as accurate as I know to make them. including tax.

Lumber. $1636.37
*that means we're $163.63 under budget from our last estimate of $1800.

Doors. $647.34
*$47.34 over budget.(it's actually just the taxes on the doors, but it still counts.)

Windows $1303.33
*oops. $303.33 over budget. and I even compromised on 2 of the windows to save $250.)

AC unit. $324.74
*once again, just the tax. even so, $24.74 over budget.

All the other figures aren't completed yet. I've still got more to buy. for example, on the Tin, I've finished the roof, but am going Tuesday to buy the siding. we won't have that figure until after Tuesday. however, these figures at least give me some idea on how we're doing. so far we're $211.78 over budget. considering the material listed on this page is worth $3911.78, I think $200 over is good so far.

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