Friday, April 2, 2010

a bit more

Believe it or not, the house did make it past the Sheetrock stage. As a matter of fact, I've been living in this house for quite a while. I just stopped blogging it for a while. let me try to bring it more up to date.
last week on Alt-house, our heroes had just put up sheetrock. then we taped the whole house, and started slapping the mud on. we talked a lot about different methods, and how we could finish this up, paint, the find a way to do texture later that would help hide any imperfections we might have left. however, this all sounded very complicated, and after consulting amongst ourselves, and with our friendly neighborhood experts at Lowe's several times, we decided to just use an extra layer of mud for the texture before we painted. so we did that. by and large, I quite liked the result. there were a few spots I wish we'd added more, but I think it came out well. in a future version, I think I'd save myself $1000 and a day of labor by using something other then sheetrock, but that's a different blog post. someone remind me to write that later.

next step was painting. or at least, that was the next logical step in my mind, so we wouldn't have to protect the floor. when you don't have a floor, you don't worry about splatters. there was a bit of debate of the color. Mary-Beth said she was thinking white for the walls, and blue for the bathroom. I was concerned about the white, considering how many windows are in this place, I didn't want it too bright. that seems a bit silly now, but at the time I was concerned I'd be waking up at 6am everyday because my house was so bright. so on the day I go to get paint, Mary-Beth is busy at work. Off I go to home depot anyway, I pick up some grayish-whitish pain samples, and some blue ones, and take them to Logan's to show MB. she was busy, but picked several, and said "one of those." so that's what I did. took a gray, and a blue, bought a bunch, took it home, began painting. fast forward, Mary-beth sees it, been sees it, everyone asked what on earth I was thinking. apparently the gray is too boring, the blue TOO blue. I tried to remind everyone I DID consult Mary-Beth on them, but it was all my fault, and no one listened. still, we painted on.

In the mean time, we build a porch, and attach it to the old porch that was there from when we had a travel trailer parked there. looks fabulous.

Next post is putting in the floor. that was a bit of silliness on my part.

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